Emmanuel Sanders s the inside receiver, with the red line.

The Seahawks like to play a lot of single-high safety. Sometimes, single-high safety means they are playing a cover 3 zone where the deep safety and each corner has one third of the deep part of the zone. They also like to use a single-high safety when they play man-to-man. It can get tricky at times. Here, I circled Chancellor who will end up being the deep safety on this play. I also circled Byron Maxwell and Sherman to show the cornerbacks. Sherman is on the inside receiver and a linebacker is lined up outside of him, so it’s probably safe to assume that they’re playing man-to-man.

Demaryius Thomas is up top, lined up as the outside receiver with the yellow line extending away from him. He’s running a deep post route.

Emmanuel Sanders s the inside receiver, with the red line. He ran what is essentially a wheel route down the field. He takes off 10 yards before allowing Demaryius Thomas to cross in front of him on the post, and then he runs an out-and-up route.

Let’s start with this new, to me at least, version of a wide receiver screen that the Broncos unveiled with 6:07 left in the game, down 17-12.

Coach Lovie Smith, linebacker Brian Urlacher and defensive end Julius Peppers — all long-time Bears — are gone. Somebody has had to fill huge leadership fissures with this team.

“There are a ton of leaders here, but you have to have your quarterback be a part of that leadership in this league,” Bears cornerback Charles Tillman said. “That’s the commercial role, but it’s beyond that. He has to be a team leader. Jay is. He’s a pro.”

“Jay is not going to be too vocal,” Linebacker Lance Briggs said.” He gives two-second pep talks. He is not your Ray Lewis type. But it works for him and it works for us. He’s a one day, one game, one play and the next play type of guy.”


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