Dan Quinn and 2 Chainz taking a picture at the airport warms the Atlanta soul

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn took a picture with 2 Chainz at the airport. Two of Atlanta’s finest in one photo, at a place that isn’t surprising they’d run into each other at when you consider the subjects.

It’s a photo that captures Atlanta sports and music well. Sports and music are two things the city takes great pride in. Even if the sports hurt sometimes.

Look at 2 Chainz’s outfit, y’all. He has on a Supreme outfit, complemented by a crisp pair of white Air Jordan 4s, and an icy ring and watch.

Offensive linemen usually don’t score touchdowns, but Brown certainly does. He was tied for second in the league last year with 12 receiving scores, so he had plenty of opportunities to dance in the end zone.

Brown’s celebration dances were flagged and fined because they were deemed sexually suggestive.

Kurt Warner Authentic Jersey Unfortunately, Brown’s twerking — though entertaining — would still draw a penalty, even after the NFL eased up on celebrations. Celebrating with teammates is legal now, so Brown won’t get in any trouble for bringing his offensive linemen into the mix.

Authentic Mens Pierre Garcon Jersey Brown got some pushback from Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers about his sensual celebrations last season.

He knows, we all know, Coach Tomlin brought it up yesterday, that is a huge penalty that we can’t do, Roethlisberger said on Sportsradio 93.7 The Fan in November. We put our kick coverage team in a bad situation and we can’t have it, and AB knows that.

But if Brown plans to celebrate with his offensive line and skip the pelvic thrusting, he should be just fine from now on.

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