Best sights and sounds from Opening Night

Elite Nick Perry Jersey Super Bowl Opening Night was filled with stars from the Falcons and Patriots, throngs of media looking for a juicy quote and a few smiles from New England coach Bill Belichick. Yes, smiles. You know, expressions of happiness.

A friend of Jonathan Shecter aka Shecky Green, a music and pop culture journalist and former hotel executive in Las Vegas has been betting the Packers on the money line since their eight-game win streak started against the Eagles on Nov. 28, rolling over his winnings to make his wagers larger each week (via Uproxx and R.J. Bell).

For the uninitiated, winning a money line bet requires that a team win the game outright, regardless of the point spread.

This gambler started with a $300 bet on Green Bay at Philly, and the amounts of his wagers have grown with each Packers win. On Sunday night, his $10,259.50 bet on the Packers turned into more than $28,000 when they beat the Cowboys on Mason Crosby’s last-second field goal.

At the casino where the bet was placed, Green Bay was a +170 underdog vs. the Falcons for the upcoming NFC conference championship, meaning the $28,213 wager would net a $47,963 win if the Packers beat Atlanta, potentially boosting the gamblers Packers-based bankroll to $76,176 or $0 if the Falcons, who are favored by four points (-4), win outright.
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There are few areas in which Watson, at 6-2, 205 pounds, may not project as well as Kizer, Trubisky and Mahomes, starting with his undersized frame. There are concerns about whether he can translate his exceptional passing and running skills in the spread to a more conventional offense.

But that ignores what NFL teams will love about Watson.

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