Lebron James and Tristan Thompson give Cleveland a distinct size advantage.

He’s an effective rebounder for the position, and he’s capable of playing off-the-ball on offense. In spot-up situations, Fultz, hit shots at a 52.1 effective field goal percentage clip, an above-average level. He also has something of a burgeoning post-up game for a weapon against smaller defenders, is a smart distributor in transition and doesn’t turn the ball over a ton for what is his astronomical usage rate (a 13.4 turnover rate).

Overall, Fultz is the best offensive prospect in the draft and the most complete offensive guard to enter the league in at least the last five years.

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But if Golden State loses the finals, it’ll be because it gets outrebounded, overpowered and bullied out of a title.

Playoff basketball tends to be more physical compared to the regular season, and Lebron James and Tristan Thompson give Cleveland a distinct size advantage.

Adding Durant gave the Warriors more of what they were already the best in the league at — shooting.

Golden State is a finesse team, and considering Klay Thompson’s recent playoff struggles, he could be the odd man out if the Warriors lose.

Thompson is averaging less than 15 points per game in the playoffs on 39 percent shooting and only 36 percent from three, compared to his regular season averages of 22.3 points per game on nearly 47 percent shooting.

In life, let’s say you own an iPhone, a MacBook and an iPad. Should your next Apple purchase be a Mac desktop computer or Apple Care to protect your three products? Probably Apple Care. In the Warriors’ case, Durant is the desktop computer. Golden State simply added more of what it already had.

Shipping Thompson for some size (or Apple Care) is something the Warriors will consider if they lose to Cleveland.

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