the Oakland Raiders made Derek Carr Jersey the highest-paid player in football history with a five-year

Keeping Cousins beyond 2017 is a long shot for Washington. Franchise tagging him for the third time is unrealistic with the number jumping to more than $34 million, and a bidding war in free agency will likely be too hard for the quarterback to pass up.

So what’s it going to take for Washington to keep him? A whole lot of money. A record-breaking amount.

A month ago, the Oakland Raiders made Derek Carr the highest-paid player in football history with a five-year, $125 million contract that comes with $70 million guaranteed. In August, the Lions and Matthew Stafford agreed to a $135 million deal with $92 million guaranteed.

The value of a franchise quarterback is mostly determined by whoever got paid last. Because Stafford got $27 million per year, the next gigantic deal for a quarterback will have to be a little more. And then it’ll be topped by the next contract after that.

Brock Lesnar is a bona fide freak of nature. He’s on the short list of athletes who have ever had an NFL contract and a professional MMA fight — a list that includes others like Herschel Walker, Bob Sapp and Brendan Schaub — but his story is much different from the rest.

A 6’3, 265-pound mountain of muscle, Lesnar was the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Champion in wrestling during his time at the University of Minnesota. He parlayed that into a successful career in pro wrestling, becoming a WWE champion just two years later.

Game Womens Indiana Pacers Jersey In 2004, Lesnar decided to put aside his wrestling career and attempt to make it in the NFL, despite not playing football since high school. He earned a contract with the Minnesota Vikings and spent the preseason with the team, but didn’t make the final roster.
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