Cam Newton Authentic Jersey partners with rapper 2 Chainz in new Under Armour commercial

If Cam Newton’s going to do it, he’s going to do it bigger than Voletta Wallace’s son.

The 6-5, 245-pound Panthers quarterback is the flagship athlete for Under Armour’s football division. So, for the release of his signature C1N cross trainer, the 2015 NFL MVP enlisted the services of fellow ATLien rapper 2 Chainz, to set the commercial off like only the could. The result is one of the more ambitious marketing endeavors you’ll see from a pro football football player with the Hair Weave Killer providing the bars and Newton chiming in with his own commentary in between.

It’s not the first time Newton and 2 Chainz have gotten together to push some product. 2 Chainz’ music was featured in a 2016 Beats by Dre spot New was featured in.

The C1N trainers can be purchased wherever fine athletic footwear is sold for $120.

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He sighed. I smashed it pretty bad at Burning Man. A long pause, and none of us interrupted it. He added: … as one does.

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