Tom Brady talked the refs out of an offensive pass interference call on a Patriots touchdown

When Tom Brady hit Chris Hogan in the Saints end zone for a 13-yard touchdown, a flag on the turf seemed to suggest the play was coming back after offensive pass interference.

That’s when Brady went into litigation mode.

Not everything is Dak’s fault. Sure, he has missed some throws in both games this season. He hasn’t looked as sharp as he did last season. He doesn’t have the same connection yet. However, he is also playing two of the better defenses in football.

The entire team is to blame for the Cowboys’ disastrous loss to the Broncos this past Sunday. Aside from DeMarcus Lawrence, can you name somebody that didn’t have a bad outing? Even he was called for a 15-yard penalty that resulted in a four-point, and momentum, swing. Dak’s first interception should have been caught by Dez. He was playing the best secondary in the National Football League that also happens to have some guy named Von Miller. Oh yeah, and the Broncos completely shut down any life in the run game. Let’s not even get into the defense’s performance.

The Broncos have a history of making opposing quarterbacks look awful. Sure, some things have changed and Wade Phillips is in Los Angeles now, but Von Miller, Aqib Talib, and Chris Harris are who make the Broncos defense what it is. The Denver Post’s Nicki Jhabvala writes on just how dominant the Broncos are against opposing quarterbacks. Here’s just one example from last season:

The dance was fine. Engram should’ve just ended his celebration a second earlier. It will likely earn him a fine from the NFL too. Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers got a $12,154 fine for twerking in the end zone last year, so Engram can probably expect a similar penalty.

The penalty pushed the Giants’ kickoff back 15 yards and after it went out of bounds, the Lions were set up near midfield.

Keep the celebrations coming, NFL players. Just don’t pick up penalties.jets_018

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