Mora was fired in November after Rosen and UCLA fell to Darnold and USC, 28-23.

The Carolina Panthers owner who had to sell his team amid allegations of workplace misconduct was an “outstanding” person who was probably just joking with his advances on his female employees, Texans owner Bob McNair said Sunday.

Jerry Richardson put his team up for bids after a Sports Illustrated report emerged that detailed the 81-year-old reaching at least four “significant” monetary settlements with former employees due to his behavior, from asking his female workers if he could shave their legs to allegedly racially slurring a black Panthers scout.

That may be just Richardson’s brand of humor, McNair said.

“What I’ve learned so far,’’ he said, “is I don’t think our cage work needs to be together, meaning me watching him, him watching me. It won’t benefit as much because we are so different in styles. But the approach on pitchers and their process will skyrocket us.”

Skyrocket takes on a whole new meaning when you consider Judge hit 52 home runs last year to lead the AL and Stanton crushed 59 to lead the majors.

“Maybe [swing] paths because of same bat length, same arm length, that will help,’’ Stanton said. “But I think our biggest key is: ‘Why did they do that to you? What were you thinking? And why did they do that to me and what was I thinking?’ That’s what I’ve learned so far.”

Rosen — who has worked out privately for both the Giants and the Jets — has been a polarizing prospect. There seems to be little doubt he can sling it, but scouts have questioned his love for football — because Rosen is outspoken — and whether his penchant for speaking his mind could be a distraction.

While Mora may be catching some heat for not backing his own guy as the potential No. 1 pick, he has previously said Rosen would be a better pro.

“I think they’re both going to be great pros, first of all,” Mora said on Fox Sports’ Undisputed in December. “Totally different styles of play, but I’m going to go with Josh, because he’s a pure passer. He’s got a motion that you would love to see in your minicamp. I mean, it’s just pure, and it’s clean, and he can make every throw. He can throw with velocity, he can throw with touch.

“But I love Darnold because he’s a gym rat and he can improvise. He can make things happen on the move. They’re going to play a different style of offenses. I think Darnold gives you a little bit more running ability, a little bit more mobility in the pocket.jets_108

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