Peterson will share carries with running back Mark Ingram

Jimmer Fredette Elite Jersey Deshaun Watson says it would be a slap in the face for Mitchell Trubisky to be drafted before him

Its not that Deshaun Watson doesnt respect Mitchell Trubisky. Watson just thinks hes the better NFL prospect.
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Days before the draft, Watson said teams would live with the consequencesif they draft Trubisky instead of him. On Thursday, Watson doubled down on those comments, saying it would be a slap in the faceif Trubisky comes off the board first. Well, Trubisky was drafted before Watson. The Bears traded up with the San Francisco 49ers to take Trubisky with the second overall pick.

I am excited to be joining the New Orleans Saints. Im really looking forward to this opportunity. Most importantly, I chose this team because it just felt right within my spirit. Additionally, my wife and family added their confirmation with the same feelings. On offense, it goes without saying that the Saints are really solid behind Drew Brees. I feel like my skill set can make them even more dominant as a unit.

Peterson will share carries with running back Mark Ingram, who ran for over 1,000 yards in 2016 in his best season since being drafted by New Orleans in 2011. It will be the Saints hope that by reducing Petersons role and making him a complementary running back there will be less wear-and-tear on his knees, which have caused Peterson to miss the majority of two seasons in the last three years.

Fans wont need to wait long to see if there are any bad feelings between Peterson and the Vikings, as New Orleans and Minnesota are set to face each other in the first week of Monday Night Football.

You can thank the refs for that last one.

Gonzaga got more rebounds, shot way better from behind the arc, and got to the free throw line just as much as UNC. But it didn’t matter, because Roy Williams and the Heels figured out how to shut down the Bulldog offense and do juuuust enough scoring of their own to bring home the title that eluded them last year.

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UNC will be in the hunt, like always, because its depth and talent is only rivaled by the very best in college basketball.
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Should he leave, perhaps for a school like Indiana, the AAC runs the risk of diluting the league identity for a non-football athletic department (that has considered bringing back football decades after ending its program) that might not be able to sustain success.

There is precedent for smaller, basketball-focused schools moving up in conferences and enjoying success while losing a big-time coach (VCU) or a program-defining talent (Davidson, Creighton). If Wichita State can sustain high-level basketball in a world where Marshall was coaching elsewhere 鈥?and it does have the resources to potentially do it 鈥?WSU could provide nice depth to an already decent basketball league.