Draymond Green stoned TWO Blazers dunk attempts in the same game

Klay Thompsons horrible turnover turned into one of the best blocks of Draymond Greens career, and there have been a lot of good ones.
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Damian Lillard found Noah Vonleh on a 2-on-1 that wouldve been an easy score against almost anyone else.

Every time JaVale McGee enters the game, get ready for this set play. The more Jimmy Butler hangs around Dwyane Wade, the more their games start to blend together. Once upon a time, Wade was known for his pristine mid-range shooting, fearless knifing through defenders in the lane, long Euro steps through traffic, and lightning-quick first steps that swung through defenders and caught them flat-footed.

That sure sounds like Butlers game, too. Like Wade, Butler loves to decline ball screens with sharp moves to his right. Speaking of unstoppable Cavaliers plays, theyre still running this one that I highlighted last year. When James plays with four reserves, he becomes the leagues scariest dive man on an alignment that has too many threats to cover.

The Warriors run a screen and roll, toss the ball to the other big man in the post and watch him immediately flip a backdoor lob high in the air for McGee to go get it.

Womens Charles Haley Jersey Its amusing how much the Warriors force this pass even if its not there. Thats how much they love playing with a big man that can jump. After years of making fun of this award, I finally have to come to terms with what it means to be improved. The first order of business is creating a definition, and yes, this is largely subjective. To me, most improved indicates a young player who has made a substantial leap toward stardom. That may be nebulous, but that feels like a longer jump than a veteran role player who enjoys a career year, or a second-year player who puts up numbers with more minutes.