Bradley looked like he won a fan contest to live out his dream of being an NFL head coach

Bradley elected to go with coffee, and nothing else, for his morning chat with a coming and going of reporters from all over the nation. He has been at the annual meetings each year since he was hired, but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at him.

Despite countless interviews in the more than two years since his hire, Bradley looked like he won a fan contest to live out his dream of being an NFL head coach. His eyes didn’t stop swimming around the table with childlike enthusiasm, as if he were trying to convince every reporter that he loves his job as much as he says he does. Even when he’s not laughing or smiling, years of laugh lines are carved into the corners of his eyes.
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His answers to questions, which consistently featured him cracking a joke that he laughs at louder than anybody else, contained no attempt to temper his optimism about the improvement he sees in a team that has struggled to find wins under his leadership.

One problem Bryant faces is that the price of receivers has dropped since Megatron signed his deal. Miami signed Mike Wallace to a $60 million deal with $27 million fully guaranteed in 2013, then dumped his salary and winning locker room presence in a trade with the Vikings this year. (Successful front offices usually don’t stay that way by emulating the Lions and Dolphins).

Limited Womens Robert Meachem Jersey Next on the list is Vincent Jackson, who signed a five-year, $55.5 million contract with $26 million guaranteed. The biggest wide receiver contract signed this year was Jeremy Maclin ($22.5 million guaranteed). Green Bay re-signed both Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, with $24.5 million in guaranteed money split between the two.

Dallas has a history of poor contract decisions when it comes to receivers, a holdover from Jerry Jones’ over-involved general manager days. But it’s not Dez Bryant’s fault the Cowboys got burned on deals for Terrell Owens and Roy Williams.

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