Andre Iguodala marvels at Draymond Green’s ability to dominate basketball while sucking at every other sport

Andre Iguodala is part of TNT’s golf coverage team of the PGA Championship, and it didn’t take long for him to reveal the worst golfer on the Golden State Warriors team: Draymond Green. Iguodala went on and on about Green too, citing that he was one of the smartest basketball players he’s ever been around…but also one of the least athletic.

Monk showed his cocky side Saturday, repeating that he’d beat Hornets owner Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one. Jordan might have been the greatest player of his generation – maybe ever – but, as Monk noted, he is 54.

Limited Youth Steve Atwater Jersey Monk averaged 19.8 points per game for Kentucky last season, and the No. 11 overall pick is expected to bolster the Hornets backcourt and give the team another reliable three-point shooter behind Nic Batum.

At this point so many people have said they could beat Jordan, he should just step up and play all comers. Who wouldn’t watch that on TV?

Dion Dawkins Youth Jersey Before the expansion draft, the mediocre Phoenix Suns worked out a deal with Charlotte. They’d made Jahidi White, a veteran big man, available in the expansion draft. There was not much demand for White in Phoenix, Charlotte, or anywhere, especially give his $6 million salary. (This was enormous for a late-rotation player in those days.)

But the Suns had grand designs in free agency and desperately wanted to free up cap space. They needed Charlotte to select White in the draft. So they agreed to send $3 million and a future first-round pick if Charlotte promised to select White. The Bobcats, needing bodies and salary filler, took the deal.

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