Rudy Gobert plays song about ‘loyalty’ on Instagram after Gordon Hayward’s departure

Gordon Hayward announced he was leaving the Utah Jazz for the Boston Celtics on the Fourth of July. Not surprisingly, this left people in Utah rather upset, not the least of which was his former teammate, Rudy Gobert.

Yes, Gobert posted himself waving goodbye and singing along to Loyal by Chris Brown. The chorus, for those unfamiliar, is These hoes ain’t loyal.
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Joffrey Lupul Womens Jersey Gobert won’t have too much time to be bitter, though. Hayward’s departure means the Jazz will be rallying around him instead. The team tweeted as much, then later deleted it. Here’s a screenshot.

Porter finally came along in his fourth season, just in time to shore up a max-level second contract. It’s incredibly unlikely he’ll earn it anywhere other than Washington, D.C., since Porter is a restricted free agent. The Wizards didn’t make Bradley Beal sign a max offer sheet elsewhere a year ago, and they are unlikely to change course with Porter.

Otto is a solid wing defender who became an incredibly high-efficiency scorer in 2016-17. If he were an unrestricted free agent at age 24, there’d be a huge battle for his services, as there will be for Hayward. But Porter fits right in with the Wizards, and they’ll gladly be the ones to pay him big bucks.

By this point, Hayes’ and Parker’s relationship was deteriorating, per the suit. Though Parker complimented Hayes on improving the attitude of the staff and his overall leadership skills, the suit says that Parker referred to Hayes as the large, angry black man. Even when Hayes objected to that label, Parker allegedly continued.

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