Selection Sunday Bracketology 2017: UNC/Duke No. 1 seed debate could go either way

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon doing something I didn’t expect to be doing 24 hours earlier, parsing the profiles of the ACC top seed (don’t say “regular season champion,” since no such title exists) North Carolina Tar Heels and ACC Tournament champion Duke Blue Devils. Yes, I could have thrown the Gonzaga Bulldogs in for good measure, but I don’t think the Selection Committee is going to kick a one-loss team that went 6-0 in games against the Top 50, with just one of those wins coming at home, off the top line. And that’s the case even if the West Coast Conference isn’t anywhere near the level of this season’s ACC.

The two teams are remarkably even, sitting right next to each other in the RPI table (UNC ranks fifth, Duke sixth). Both did well in games played against that metric’s Top 100 — Carolina went 17-6; Duke 16-7. And while the Blue Devils would be the first eight-loss team to earn a top seed, the Tar Heels have dropped seven games themselves.

Sitting with a one-stroke lead over Cantlay on the 16th tee, Hadwin cut his tee ball on the 16th left into the water. The wheels were coming off, and the door sat wide open for Cantlay to seize control.

We’ll keep all of the latest rumors about free agents updated here, so check back often for the latest. Our rumors are listed by date, and below that, is a list of some of the bigger name players in the NFL.

But comparing the two Tobacco Road rivals will be more difficult. The teams are very close in most of the main factors (quality wins, bad losses, record away from home, RPI), with strength of schedule looking like the main differentiators.

The28, after running roughshod through the ACC tournament and becoming the first team to win four games in four days at that conference tilt, grabbed up the East’s No. 2 seed, and they’ll meet No. 15 Troy in the opening round.

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The receiver would fit well in the rough-and-tumble NFC East

The national nightmare known as the NFL’s football drought comes to a close as the calendar flips over to March — kind of. The NCAA’s best and brightest prospects will descend on Indianapolis for a full week of tests and workouts designed to put their NFL potential on a sliding scale of draftability.

Here are the full results so far for wide receivers at the 2017 NFL Combine:

Kermit Whitfield of Florida State won’t be one of those players after a mostly unproductive college career, but the track star promises to shine in Indianapolis. He has blazing speed and could post one of the fastest 40 times of the year.

Wide receivers began testing Friday with the bench press and will hit the field for timing drills Saturday. Billy Brown of Division II’s Shepherd University led the pack in the bench press with 23 reps.

Head coach Tyronn Lue: “He brings a physicality, a shot-blocking presence, a guy who can pass the ball at the 5 position and that’s what we needed.

“Once we all get together and get on the right page, we’ll be a tough team to beat.”

Deron Williams: “He’s a 7-footer that protects the rim, is very smart, knows the game, knows how to pass, he’s won a championship so he knows what it takes. I think he can bring a lot to this team.”

LeBron James: “He likes to compete and do whatever it takes to help his team win. You respect that.”

People can pick on Carson Wentz’s rookie season, but I see a phenomenal talent in the making and the kind of young quarterback Marshall would get on board with. The receiver would fit well in the rough-and-tumble NFC East and, again, would be close enough to New York to work his boob-tube side gig.

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Dwight Howard¡¯s ejection for hanging on the rim should never happen again

Authentic Womens Mike Pouncey Jersey During the Atlanta Hawks¡¯ matchup against Boston Celtics on Monday, referees assessed Dwight Howard a technical foul in the third quarter for shoving ex-Hawks big man Al Horford. It was an understandable sequence of events given Horford¡¯s hard foul on Howard¡¯s layup attempt.

Moments later, Howard was ejected after picking up his second technical foul ¡ª for hanging on the rim.

Atlanta went on to win, 114-98, and Howard had been dominant up to his ejection, posting 17 points, 12 rebounds (six offensive), and two blocks in 27 minutes. He could have enjoyed his best game of the season had he stayed in the game.

The NBA later released a statement, reading Howard¡¯s technical foul ¡°should have been deemed non-unsportsmanlike, and should not have resulted in his ejection.¡±

What if this was a playoff game?

Peterson¡¯s 11,747 rushing yards rank 16th in NFL history and first in Vikings history (by a margin of almost 5,000 yards). The seven-time Pro Bowler, seven-time All-Pro (five of those seven All-Pro designations being on the first team) is one of only 15 running backs to ever win NFL MVP and holds the NFL record for must rushing yards in a game with 296.

There¡¯s a lot of talent at the running back position in this year¡¯s draft class, and free agent options include Darren McFadden, Chris Johnson, and former Steeler LeGarrette Blount.

When healthy, Lacy has the potential to be a game-changer ¡ª but are the Packers willing to justify a big contract for a player who has raised more questions than he¡¯s answered the past two years? And if not them, then who?
Authentic Anthony Castonzo Jersey

Emmanuel Sanders s the inside receiver, with the red line.

The Seahawks like to play a lot of single-high safety. Sometimes, single-high safety means they are playing a cover 3 zone where the deep safety and each corner has one third of the deep part of the zone. They also like to use a single-high safety when they play man-to-man. It can get tricky at times. Here, I circled Chancellor who will end up being the deep safety on this play. I also circled Byron Maxwell and Sherman to show the cornerbacks. Sherman is on the inside receiver and a linebacker is lined up outside of him, so it’s probably safe to assume that they’re playing man-to-man.

Demaryius Thomas is up top, lined up as the outside receiver with the yellow line extending away from him. He’s running a deep post route.

Emmanuel Sanders s the inside receiver, with the red line. He ran what is essentially a wheel route down the field. He takes off 10 yards before allowing Demaryius Thomas to cross in front of him on the post, and then he runs an out-and-up route.

Let’s start with this new, to me at least, version of a wide receiver screen that the Broncos unveiled with 6:07 left in the game, down 17-12.

Coach Lovie Smith, linebacker Brian Urlacher and defensive end Julius Peppers — all long-time Bears — are gone. Somebody has had to fill huge leadership fissures with this team.

“There are a ton of leaders here, but you have to have your quarterback be a part of that leadership in this league,” Bears cornerback Charles Tillman said. “That’s the commercial role, but it’s beyond that. He has to be a team leader. Jay is. He’s a pro.”

“Jay is not going to be too vocal,” Linebacker Lance Briggs said.” He gives two-second pep talks. He is not your Ray Lewis type. But it works for him and it works for us. He’s a one day, one game, one play and the next play type of guy.”


Ryan Tannehill reportedly at full health for Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill will be available for the entirety of the Miami Dolphins’ offseason program after missing the last three regular-season games and the postseason with a severe knee sprain.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported late last month that Tannehill’s partially torn ACL is no longer an issue and full reconstructive surgery will not be necessary.

Allen Bailey Elite Jersey Spielman’s vague comments mesh with coach Mike Zimmer’s assessment after the 2016 season.
Haloti Ngata Elite Jersey
“I’m worried about Teddy getting better,” Zimmer said in January, via the Minnesota Star Tribune. “He comes in here every single day, busts his rear end and I just want him to get better right now, so we will worry about those things later.”

Zimmer added that the nature of Bridgewater’s injury adds to the uncertainty about when, or if ever, the QB could return.

“With this injury that he has, it’s different with everyone,” Zimmer said at the time. “They went back and, whoever has had this injury, they’ve studied it and the ones [who] have come back and how long it’s taken to come back, how long it hasn’t come back. But they’re all different, there’s no exact injury where they’re all the same.”

The Vikings won’t put a timeline on Bridgewater’s rehab, but it sounds more and more like a return won’t happen in 2017, if ever.

Tony Romo to The Windy City: In this scenario, look for (a) Chicago to release Jay Cutler and (b) Dallas to cut ties with Romo, making the Cowboys veteran a perfect fit for the quarterback-needy Bears. The relationship with Pace — who served as team captain at Eastern Illinois during Romo’s 1999 freshman campaign — only helps. (By the way, who knew Eastern Illinois was such an ultra-flaming hotbed of signal-calling drama?)